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LAFINCA’s new commitment translates into a new and unique concept.

In the LGC7 residential complex, the most luxurious and exclusive development of the entire LGC complex, located on Luis García Cereceda Avenue, the Sky Villas will rise, LAFINCA’s new commitment that translates into a new and unique concept.

In the LGC7 , the LAFINCA Architecture & Design team, led by Raquel Castellanos, manages to merge two antagonistic concepts that define single-family villas and multi-family residences. The goal is achieved and you no longer need to give up the garden for privacy or the views to enjoy a swimming pool, or forgo the benefits of living in a community. With the Sky Villas, residences benefit from the advantages of both types of buildings, avoiding the disadvantages of both.

The architectural concept of Sky Villas is barely two decades old and success depends on what elements the architect is able to integrate into its construction that are not typical of an apartment but of a villa, the different heights, the garden, a swimming pool and, especially, the dynamic relationship between the interior and the exterior. And at the same time, on the advantages of the apartment buildings that he is able to preserve: the views, the security, the optimization of the land, the common and close use of different facilities, etc. There is one feature that particularly distinguishes LAFINCA LGC7 : the unique relationship between the interior of the residence and the exterior.



The merit of LAFINCA LGC7  is that, thanks to the fusion of concepts, they are able to offer a wide range of advantages:

  • A high-rise garden that accompanies and protects, while taking care of the privacy of the exterior spaces and the interior of the residences.

  • The arrangement in the residences of a day area and a night area, double north-south aspect, wide spaces connected to each other, including a private elevator, and a spectacular staircase with magnificent views of the golf skyline.

  • The garden on the second floor allows for a summer terrace and a winter terrace and the swimming pool on the ground or on the chill-out floor, depending on the type of Sky Villa.

LAFINCA’s LGC7  feature huge windows that open out into the sun and views of the gardens and the golf course. In a masterful communication of the interior and the exterior, the landscape becomes part of the residence.



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